StyleMe Pro Hairstyler supports the selection of both female and male genders.

Back View

With the press of one button you can see the back view of the selected style.


Freezing the image you can evaluate the style and change it without being in front of the camera.


You can save photos in the images gallery and view at fullscreen selecting their thumbnails.


The Video Gallery allows you to save movies and revise them selecting their thumbnails.

USB Export

Inserting an USB memory card gives you the ability to export your images and videos.

What it is?

The simple and innovative tool that translates to reality the advices of Stylists and Hairstylers that like to feel on step ahead.


StyleMe Pro Hairstyler is a practical device equipped with a touchscreen, a HD video camera that captures realtime the image of the user and a simple and intuitive graphic interface. With StyleMe Pro Hairstyler you can WEAR, in a DYNAMIC and REALISTIC way, any hairstyle, since it simulates, thanks to 3D technology, your new look: just like you had already changed it.


The user can choose haircut, colour and in future mèches (over one MILLION of possible style COMBINATIONS) and compose, with the help of the hairdresser and his or her precious advices, the hairstyle that perfectly fits the shape of the user's face and the color of his or her skin. After each selection the user can look at himself or herself in the screen and evaluate the choice just like in front of a real MIRROR.


Now you can dare to see you with a new cut or different hair color without worrying you made the wrong choice or you might not like yourself after. Thanks to the 3D simulation of the look, before becoming real, the final RESULT is CERTAIN. In this way you can be brave and try new hairstyles that otherwise you wouldn't have never tried on you.


Thanks to StyleMe Pro Hairstyler, the dream of choosing the hairstyle you've always desiring will come-true, with the certainty of leaving the hair salon showing the world fantastic look and a new smile on your face. StyleMe Pro Hairstyler is the first VIRTUAL TRANSLATOR of female dreams.

How it works?

How does it works?

The user, seated in front of the touchscreen on the top of which there's a video camera, SEES HIS OR HER OWN FACE DISPLAYED IN REALTIME. The system identifies the typology of his or her face and thanks to an easy-to-use interface, it guides the user through the choice of the available options of haircut and hair color he or she desires.

WITH A SIMPLE TOUCH, the user can try all the available hairstyles, seeing them in realistic way and THANKS TO 3D TECHNOLOGY, he or she see the result of the new look on his or her face, up to find the combination that perfectly fits face features and skin color.

All that can be done in autonomy, or GUIDED BY THE ADVICES OF THE HAIRDRESSER present in the salon, who in such way will be able to immediately answer to the customer doubts and his or her handicraft will be able to translate the customer's dream to reality.

The result is SURELY A SMILE: the one of who, leaving the salon, will really like him or herself and the one of the hairdresser, that will have made the customer happy.

StyleMe Pro Hairstyler is updated twice a year, for spring/summer and autumn/winter collections and it CAN BE CUSTOMIZED with the creations of the brands, of the hairdressers and the hairstylers that might request it.

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StyleMe Pro Magnifier Beta is added to the product

StyleMe Pro Ltd in cooperation with Seac02 Srl added to the product new tool called StyleMe Pro Magnifier, which allows high quality image zoomed 400 times of the hair skin.

With this new add-on the hairdressers can complete their consultation to the customers by analysing and comparing the skin condition.

With StyleMe Pro Magnifier the hairstylist will be able to suggest proper products for haircare and take a decision if a coloring is proper for the actual state of the person's hair or not.

The StyleMe Pro Magnifier is still a Beta version in which the hairdresser can magnify the skin of the user 400 times. That amount of zoom give him high quality preview which can be analysed.

Seac02 Srl presents StyleMe Pro Hairstyler at GSMA Mobile Expo Asia 2012

Seac02 Srl is presenting StyleMe Pro Hairstyler along with their newest creation The Magic Mirror using the innovative Facial Recognition technology. Seac02 are exhibitors at the Augmented Life Zone. The motto of the zone is: See how emerging augmented reality technology can make day-to-day life easier.

With the words "Your Life, Augmented" GSMA Mobile Expo Asia 2012 invites you to come to the Augmented Life Zone to discover first-hand how your mobile device – when combined with today’s high-speed networks, can blur the line between the real world and your favourite local shops. In the Augmented Life Zone, GSMA Mobile Expo Asia 2012 showcase how fun, time-saving, cool and ‘green’ augmented reality can be. Step right up and see for yourself!

The Meeting is at At Virtual Hair Salon

Future Hair and Beauty Salon presented by Seac02 Srl

Have you imagined what you might look like with a blue ‘do or red braids? Try on virtual hair styles and colours before committing to anything. Walk away with an image of your chosen style and a picture to share on your favourite social media site. Visit Seac02 booth N2.K43 at GSMA Mobile Expo Asia 2012

Seac02 Srl presents StyleMe Pro Hairstyler at ARE 2012

ARE is where the people working on and using Augmented Reality technologies come together to explore best practices and innovations in software development, tools, business strategies, design and marketing. Developers, technologists, marketers, hardware manufacturers, mobile operators, researchers, designers, startups, business developers, and entrepreneurs gather to share their experiences and learn from their peers.

In 2011, over 530 buyers and builders of AR in entertainment, media, education, healthcare, government, tourism, automotive, sports and other vertical markets, united in the 2 day must-attend event in Silicon Valley.

With this proven track record and the tremendous momentum in the Augmented Reality industry, ARE 2012 will set a new record and draw attendees that seek to leverage augmented reality into a productive, sustainable and entertaining new medium. ARE 2012 will spotlight inspiring keynotes by industry luminaries, and feature more than a 100 speakers from leading AR companies in more than 30 hours. Organized into business, technology and production tracks, the conference program is designed to address topics such as:
current augmented reality market scope and what’s expected in the next 5 years
latest augmented reality innovations, engines and tools
showcases and postmortems of landmark augmented reality projects
how to leverage AR to advance your brand, attract and keep your customers
how to build successful campaigns and products that will delight users.

The exhibition floor will unite all the leading providers of Augmented Reality services and products, and offer a fantastic opportunity to witness demonstrations, speak with the architects of these experiences and network all participants in this exciting industry. Last year’s successful activities such as the ARt Gala, AR Start up launch pad, and The Auggies (best AR demo award) will return to delight attendees. The new Augmented Future plenary session will feature 5 ground breaking augmented reality ideas that will change the world.

“Augmented Reality is already transitioning from a gimmick to a major new tech sector,” said Ori Inbar, event co-chair of ARE. “Backed by the leading augmented reality companies and passionate industry leaders, ARE will be a “don’t-miss” event with valuable content focused on the latest innovations, business models and how to successfully bring augmented reality to the market.”

Seac02 Srl is listed as an emerging Italian company established in Torino in 2003, that can boast several cooperative arrangements with leading Italian and international universities and research centres, and develops a suite of Virtual and Augmented Realty software products dedicated to the manufacturing, retail, marketing, communication, media and edutainment sectors, offering business management solutions with a highly innovative product portfolio.

At the ARE 2012 Seac02 Srl will present their innovative Facial Recognition technology and the new product StyleMe Pro Hairstyler, which is made in collaboration with StyleMe Pro Ltd.

Officina Giornalismo - The 3D Mirror

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StyleMePro, owner of the software and Seac02 owner of the platform, presenting together the world premiere of the first virtual method that simulates, in a totally revolutionary way, a new hairstyle, with a program called StyleMePro Hairstyler.

In his office in Corso Re Umberto in Turin, Cristian Messina, creator and planner of the virtual project, with great enthusiasm, began by saying: "We have found a way to deal with the uncertainties of the customer of your hairstyle! And ... made a tool for operators in the sector, able to put into practice his own advices. "

"It goes a technology which allows the front of a monitor, to give to customers, but we also turn to a male audience, the opportunity to satisfy their desires."

Messina explains "It 's known to that women at least a couple of times a year go in a crisis of identity, and would like to change their look, starting with the haircut or color, but often do not find it or do not have the courage to do it."

"Well, StyleMe Pro Hairstyler solves this problem, over the objection "as I will look at the end?", the 3D Mirror makes it possible to project the style of a person in the future, as if it were real, and to see, so its dynamic new look.

StyleMe Hairstyler Pro is based on a revolutionary technology that is based on the ability of the software to recognize the features of the face of the person sitting in front of the camera, positioned on the monitor, and therefore applies a simulated haircut, but real, so you can match your face throughout an infinite number of combinations that will change your image until you find the most appropriate solution.

StyleMe Pro Hairstyler comes from the most recent elaborations born in augmented reality, a system that allows you to overlay virtual elements, the real. Equipped with a library of options divided by cutting from one side and hair coloring on the other, StyleMe Pro Hairstyler allows access to about a million compositions.

A big advantage for owners of hair salons that assume the role of expert witnesses, and no longer have to advise clients in the abstract the fearful and reluctant to change.

Do not confuse this innovation with the static photo shop, StyleMe Pro Hairstyler is a dynamic tool, a completely new program, which has been an unexpected success, for Cristian Messina, at last Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna. The stand in which it appeared StyleMe Pro Hairstyler was literally besieged by enthusiastic experts.

A system in four clicks and within seconds, it allows to change the look and you can record a video of all the simulations carried out for a total of two minutes each for three movies, after all material will be downloaded to a USB stick and delivered the customer, the software reset in the absolute respect for privacy.

The system is automatically updated twice a year at the new trends spring/summer and autumn/winter and at the request of the beauty salon can be customized.

We can say that thanks to this instrument, decade of hairdresser's anxiety, is overcome. Also the fear of making mistakes, because mistakes is nearly impossible.

WellMe.it - StyleMe Hairstyler Pro: 3D mirror that recommend you the best hairstyle

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You have to go to the hairdresser, but you already know that you will emerge disappointed? You would like to change your look so much, but do not have the courage to dare?

Are you convinced that your face is more like that of a puppy pouting with the simplest of bangs? And who knows how you would cut that rages in the newspapers ...

In short, every sortie to the hairdresser or hair stylist for the chic, it's a lottery. But if I could proiettarti for a moment in the future ...

Well, the future is already here and it's called StyleMe Pro Hairstyler, a technology that reveals virtually the new cut and the new hair color that you are going to choose for you. A device that in 3D you will see how it is on your face a new hairstyle.

StyleMe Hairstyler Pro is the result of the StyleMe Pro Ltd, a company specializing in solutions for virtual simulation for the beauty industry, who presented the innovative product at Cosmoprof 2012, in partnership with Seac02 Srl, a world leader in visualization and simulation of the "try on".

With a video camera on a touchscreen, StyleMe Pro Hairstyler shows your face and you can choose from several options of cutting and hair color, to select the combination that you think it matches most of your features and your complexion.

Until yesterday, the only instrument of mediation between the client and the hairdresser was a small piece of paper torn from magazine or photo manipulation of the face. From today, you can rely on a new tool to find the right inspiration and offer a service that guarantees satisfaction and continuity to the relationship between customer and hairstyler.

StyleMe Pro Hairstyler arises from application of the most recent elaborations born in the area of ​​augmented reality, a system that allows you to overlay the real with virtual elements. Equipped with a library of hairstyle options divided from one side and hair coloring on the other, StyleMe Pro Hairstyler allows access to about a million compositions.

StyleMe Pro Hairstyler will be automatically updated twice a year at the new trends spring/summer and autumn/winter and will also be customized by the brand or beauty salon that requires it.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2012 Press Release

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna: confirms its worldwide leadership with more than 170.000 attendees

The 45th edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna closed yesterday while confirming the substantial solidity of the Exhibition and maintaining a positive outlook for the future.

175.703 attendees in four days confirm that Cosmoprof is one of the most international shows among the largest Italian exhibitions. It’s a cornerstone event for foreign exhibitors, which have increased by 5% this year, as well as for international attendees, which were more than 40.000.

2.320 exhibitors coming from more than 70 countries and as many as five new Country Pavilions: Mexico, California, Brazil, The Netherlands and Romania, which brings to 20 the number of collective exhibitions of manufacturing countries attending the Fair.

“Thanks to such results Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna confirms its role as the leading global industry rendezvous – states Duccio Campagnoli, President of BolognaFiere and SoGeCos, the event organizer. Such goal has been achieved with concreteness and commitment, which is a further drive for the BolognaFiere project to restart from this edition to strengthen its position as the largest international platform of the cosmetic and wellness industry and to give an even stronger support to the Made in Italy products. This is why we are really pleased with the confirmation given by the impressive attendance of foreign visitors”.

“Cosmoprof also confirms that Bologna can host very large events – Campagnoli concluded – This recommends us to work aiming at placing both the Bologna Fairground and the city among the big destinations and the largest international fair venues”.

The events that brought the largest brands to Bologna with the Awards of the Accademia del Profumo and Elle Beauty for the products that have received the most votes in Italian perfumery shops and the many meetings and conferences of buyers are definitely worth noting and were much successful.

The remarkable data of the online presale at www.cosmoprof.it are also worth noting thanks to more than 46.557 tickets sold and huge browsing on the website with 652.508 hits: the most numerous ones, being from USA, France and England.

The attendance of over 600 journalists accredited by the Press Office and the attention given by both general and specialized media with tens of TV appearances that broadcasted the face of Cosmoprof are also to be underscored as a further confirmation of the event success.

The members of the Italian Association of Cosmetic Manufacturers (Unipro) expressed their satisfaction together with President Fabio Rossello who says “This Cosmoprof is concrete: during the Fair, the industry responded with innovation and courage to the requests from International buyers visiting Bologna from across the world. This new edition of Cosmoprof infuses us with bright optimism for the future thanks to the commitment of the BolognaFiere Group, the cooperation with Unipro, and the synergy between our association and the organization of the event.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2012

COSMOPROF Worldwide Bologna 2012 presents the world exclusive first software that allows you to "wear" your future new style in real time.

Do you want to get a new look, without an unpleasant surprise? Now it is possible. Thanks to StyleMe Pro Hairstyler technology that shows you how the virtual new haircut or colour looks on you. So, there's nothing holding you back anymore. You no longer need to fear the outcome or that sense of anxiety at the hairdressers: because getting it wrong is almost impossible.

StyleMe Pro Ltd, the company specialising in virtual simulation solutions for the beauty sector, in partnership with Seac02 Srl, the world leader in “try on” visualisation and simulation, presents the first user experience system dedicated to the world of hairstyling: StyleMe Pro Hairstyler, the innovative device that allows you to display in 3D the effect your new hairstyle will have on your face.

Using a video camera placed on a touch screen, StyleMe Pro Hairstyler photographs your face. A simple, intuitive interface guides the user to select the haircut and colour and even identifies the perfect combination for facial features and complexion. The user can freely move and turn around as if in front of a mirror, with an effect that simulates real life: itʼs as if you have already changed your look, without actually doing it yet.

Up to now the only mediation tool between the customer and the hairdresser was a page torn from a magazine or face photo manipulation. Now itʼs possible to entrust a new tool to find the right inspiration and offer a service that guarantees satisfaction and loyalty in the relationship between the customer and the hairstylist.

StyleMe Pro Hairstyler applies the most recent processes in the augmented reality field, a system that enables placing virtual elements over real ones. Equipped with a library of options divided into cuts on one side and colours and highlights on the other, StyleMe Pro Hairstyler allows you to access around a million styles. It is automatically updated twice a year based on new autumn/winter and spring/summer trends and will also allow brand or beauty salon customisation if required.

StyleMe Pro Hairstyler is present at Cosmoprof 2012, the international exhibition dedicated to perfume, cosmetics and hairstyling (9 -12 March, Bologna), at STAND no. C46, PAVILLION 35. We look forward to meeting you.

Everything Starts with Ambition

StyleMe Pro Ltd is founded with the ambition to make the day-by-day decisions of the people, related to their style, easier. The company specialises in creating virtual simulation systems and, in particular, 3D development of haircut and hairstyle libraries. The creation of a product such as StyleMe Pro Hairstyler is a logical sequence of the chosen path.

For the realisation of this product StyleMe Pro Ltd was looking for a partner which has all the skills and knowhow to run along for the goal of making life easier through technology. This partner is Seac02 Srl an Italian company with headquarters in Turin. Seac02 Srl is a world leader in the creation of augmented reality projects and in the development of software dedicated to the potential of virtual reality in the communication and non-conventional marketing fields.

Through great collaboration between the two teams StyleMe Pro Hairstyler become something more than just an ambition.


StyleMe Pro Ltd is looking for distributors & resellers all around the world. If you are interested in StyleMe Pro Hairstyler contact us to become one of our official distributors & resellers and to be listed in this section.

StyleMe Pro Hairstyler has Official Distributors & Resellers in the following countries:

Italy - 3D Styler Srl

3D Styler Srl is the official exclusive distributor of StyleMe Pro Hairstyler for the territory of Italy. If you are italian distributor or hairdresser, please contact directly 3D Styler SRL for further information.


For the territory of Argentina if you are interested in seeing the product and purchase it, please contact StyleMe Pro Ltd directly and we will redirect you to a reseller there.

If you want to become a official distributor for this territory don't hesitate to contact us as well.


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